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My Goals for Office

Efficient and Effective Government

  • Examine how we are investing tax dollars to assure we are allocating resources responsibly. 

  • Continue to expand the work and fund programs and policies that break cycles, such as homelessness, substance abuse, etc., for individuals and families.

  • Work with Olmsted County staff to identify ways to streamline processes to assure the highest efficiency and delivery of services.

Civic Engagement

  • Examine the current make-up of boards/commissions to assure they represent the community we serve.

  • Create opportunities for our diverse community members to engage in local government. This may mean innovative ideas about how we invite, recruit, and schedule activities, events, and meetings.

  • Co-create solutions by bringing people with lived experiences at the beginning of projects to assure we meeting the needs, getting to the root cause, and developing long-lasting solutions.


Healthy Communities

  • Address racism as a public health issue. I will support and be an advocate for the resolution the current Board of Commissioners passed to investigate racial disparities that result from systemic racism as a public health issue. 

  • Provide assistance for our residents - children, elderly, differently able (physically, developmentally disabled), veterans - to assure they are able to live their best lives.

  • Support affordable housing and work with cities (Byron and Rochester) and other entities to create housing that is truly affordable for all.